About Me.

My name is Vincent Shay and I am a photographer and artist specializing in abstract, ocean and all things life.  I currently live and work on the beautiful Central Coast of California area of Avila Beach.  I am a self taught photographer that started my journey down this media path using a Nikon FA film camera when I was seventeen years old which was 1987. 

These days I mainly focus (and sometimes not so focused!) my lens towards the ocean where I seem to spend most of my time.  For me the art of photography is all about pleasing myself. If others like what they see and the image moves them to feel emotion, then I am honored they feel like supporting my efforts through the purchase of an image and display in their space.

Ever since I was very small I seem to see patterns and try and portray that in some of my images...if not most.  Patience and seeing light is the key, but not the only thing for me.  Sometimes with some photography subjects I just take the shot and see where it will lead me. Many times I have a vision in my mind where I would like to go and attempt to make that happen in camera. I used to be resistant to using Photoshop to achieve my final result and even today, I do not do much in that way of manipulation, but some of my visions are completed with the use of that program.  I try to stay as real to my vision as I can.

My dream was to become a National Geographic photographer and that was really what I wanted to do as a career.  I am very happy now, at age 51 to say I am living my other dream which is to be married to my soulmate, have a thriving outdoor industry company, and sharing my vision with others.

-Vincent Shay